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  • Written and Directed by Jan Sverák
  • Producers: Eric Abraham & Jan Sverák
  • In association with: Biograf Jan Sverák – Portobello Pictures – Phoenix Film Investments – Czech Television
  • Starring: Zdenek Sverák – Jirí Machácek – Oldrich Kaiser – Kristýna Nováková – Ondrej Sverák
  • Art Design: Jakub Dvorský
  • Director of Photography: Vladimír Smutný – Mark Bliss
  • Editor: Aldis Fišárek
  • Sound Designer: Jakub Čech – Juraj Mravec – Pavel Rejholec
  • Music: Michal Novinski
  • Set Designer: Jan Vlasák
  • Runtime: 1 hr. 35 min.
  • Year of release: 2010
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A great tale of child’s imagination

9/10 “I had a chance to see this beautifully simple yet very inspiring fairy tale like movie during annual film festival in Vilnius, and after the viewing came out with my spirits soaring and a huge grin of satisfaction firmly planted on my face.”  audrulyte from Lithuania  
Best editing, Best sound, Best Music, Best film poster
Special prize of the Jury

Jan Sverák (KOLYA).

Highly inventive and visually rich the film uses live action and puppet characters. When asthmatic, six-year-old Ondra is forced to throw away his scruffy, sawdust-stuffed old teddy bear named KOOKY, he prays for the safe return of his furry friend. Soon afterwards, way across town, Kooky is about to be crushed in a rubbish dump when he suddenly comes to life. This movie is about the story of KOOKY making his escape into a mysterious forest. The naive, cuddly Kooky needs help to survive amongst the rough-and-ready creatures of the forest and he finds it when he meets the crotchety forest guardian HERGOT. Hergot is in charge of watching over the forest, but he has his enemies too – the malevolent NIGHTSHADE plans to take over the forest, by proving that the short-sighted but good-hearted Hergot is not up to the job of guardian. Using puppetry and live action, Kooky is both an inventive, thrilling family adventure and a celebration of the childhood imagination.  
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